The development of the triangle is analysed

Correct use and protect the triangle is agricultural machinery operation progress power of the tractor, extended triangle and the use of the mechanical life, fall in capital operation, add the income the important way. What talents do proper use and protection of triangle?
A good, correctly select type and number of the triangle. Type and number should be consistent with standard pulley groove, groove number. Demand notice is, on the same tractor or tools to choose the type, length, degree of old and new together common triangle, not a substitute for other types of triangle.
Second, to the correct device. In the device, the power output axis parallel to the gearbox output shaft should be insisted on, at the same triangle wheel groove in the drive circuits of the center line should be in the same plane, because on both sides of the belt drive based on its transmission power, so the shaft should be parallel, straight, not tilted.
Three, to often view, adjust the firmness of triangle. Such as triangle too loose, can cause sliding, short of extra revolution, after losing power together, triangle occurred serious wear and tear. If the triangle of the transmission pump is too tight, will add the cost of engine, belt fever, accelerated wear and affect its use life. Triangle of central looseness should with finger press triangle, elastic, subsidence volume of around 20 mm.
Four, tractor in homework should prevent sand, clay, metal into the pulley groove, prevent strain triangle. Don't use when disassembling or edge sharp blade, prevent scratch my belt, affect the using life. Five, the triangle in the process of use and storage, should prevent materials with oil and acid, alkali touch, in order to prevent the formation of belt corrosion. Once the triangle with oil, shall be removed immediately with soap and water clean.
Six, when the machine stopped for a long time, to prevent insolation, aging, triangle off shall be hung in a cool, dry local storage.
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